Returns Policy – Dr. OZ Vish

And we need to plan and plan to return to the conditions created unsatisfactory in sales service. On the client has the authority to cancel the system of one of you, and if there be any, and the fault of the customer or from the time that the product was not able to think of him again. After checking the condition of the product, the product to the client communicates to communicate or to withdraw the product in full without fail from the elections.

But it is unavoidable to follow the terms and conditions:

  • Inside is weak to call for product return.
  • For a number of insurance number, price tags and product labels.

How to secure the information stored?

We gather your data and manage the custom of our password protected, or with the code. We never open up to one third. Further, in order to ensure the safety of the product during the packaging of the product is responsible for the vehicu, too, our team of experts is appointed to be saved, he who does the of them the nature of the packaging of conduct for our entire range and tidy.